KLC® Antiwear Hydraulic Oil – Azolla ZS Hydraulic Oil

KLC AntiwFlorida Hytorc Material Safety Data Sheetear Hydraulic Oil ( Azolla ZS) is a premium grade fluid formulated to meet the demands of modern high pressure hydraulic systems. It contains the highest quality rust, oxidation, and antiwear additives available today and provides good water demulsibility, hydrolytic stability, and filterability. All grades are non-detergent. When the proper viscosity is selected it gives excellent service in machine tools, vacuum pumps, bearings and moderately loaded gear drives.

  • Premium high pressure hydraulic oil for mobile and stationary systems
  • Rust, oxidation, antiwear and antifoam additives
  • Thermally stable and filterable
  • Meets or exceeds requirements for major hydraulic pump manufacturers
KLC Anti-wear Hydraulic Oil (Azolla ZS 46) Typical Properties
ISO Viscosity Grade 46
SAE Grade 20
Viscosity, cSt, 40°C 46
Viscosity, cSt, 100°C 6.24
Viscosity Index 100
Color-ASTM D-1500 2
Flash Point, °F 350
Pour Point, °F 5
Rust Test ASTM D-665 (Proc. A) Pass
Oxidation Test ASTM D-943 hours 2000
(75ºC, 40 kg, 1 hr, 1200 RPM) .45mm