Hydraulic Torque Tools

The most advanced and cost-efficient HYTORC Torque & Tension Tool for Safety, Speed, and Job-Reliability!

Pneumatic Torque Tools

When tool universality and durability is a must, the J-Gun operates with or without reaction arm or backup.

Electric Torque Wrenches

Electric Torque Multiplier featuring unmatched convenience & portability!!


The most advanced Hydraulic Pumps with Quadraulic for 4 tool Simultorc, automatic, available with data output

Torque Tool Systems

Torque Tool Systems

Side Load-Free Twin-Torque™
Simultorc™ Guarantees Parallel Joint Closure

Torque Accessories

Torque Accessories

Hytorc’s accessories are designed with the highest quality standards.

Tensioning Systems

Tensioning Systems

Low pressure, puller-free, hands-off, precision load-tensioners.

Documentation PUmps

Documentation Pumps

Hydraulic and Manual Back Up Wrenches.