Hytorc’s accessories are designed with the highest quality standards.

Not only does our broad range of superior and award winning hydraulic torque/tension wrenches meet the high industrial quality standards, but so does our accessory product line. We choose the best materials and utilize state of the art manufacturing processes. These processes are controlled and maintained through the ISO-9002 and our own in-house quality control. Thanks to these control systems we are able to leverage our new developments and extend our leadership in the hydraulic torque/tension industry.

Custom Reaction Fixtures

Customized Solutions for Every Type of Application

Adapters and Reducers

Customized Solutions for Every Type of Application


Hex and Allen Sockets

Manual Back-Up Wrench

 No more locked backup wrench. No more falling backup wrench. Instant manual unlocking


Reduce Job Time while Increasing Safety and Tool Life!

Jackscrew Nut Adapter

Works together with your TorcGun to simultaneously turn all of the jackscrews

Custom jGun Extensions

Durable. Suitable for other bolting needs.

jGun Wheel Gun

Job Specific Tool

Multiple Tool Ring

Operate Tools Simultaneously. Eliminate Long Assembly Processes.

FRL/Silencer Unit

Filter/Regulator/Lubricator. Reduces 95% of TorcGun Operational Noise.

Offset Link

For Limited Clearance

Air Dryer

For use on all air powered equipment.