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Reaction Fixtures – Custom-made and standard reaction fixtures

Custom-Made Reaction Fixtures for Gearbox and Main-Bearing Bolts.

Reaction fixtures for the Avanti™ Model guarantee safe and efficient work.

The reaction fixture for the gearbox feet consists of the reaction arm, which is attached to the splined section of the tool, and the reaction cup, which can be adjusted to the different bolt-center distances.

 Custom-Made Reaction Fixtures for Wind Tower Bolts

The reaction fixture for the tower bolts can be adjusted to the bolt-center distance of each tower flange. Only one fixture is needed for the different bolt-center distances of a wind turbine.

Part Name Part Number Description
  JGUN Alco Arm AV#-ALC This is a standard 21″ Alco Arm
  JGUN 7″ Alco Arm AV#-ALC7 This is a 7″ Alco Arm
  Peiner Crane Fixture AV5-PEINER Reaction Arm for a Peiner Crane
  Extended Reaction Arm AV-03-03-2 Reaction Arm extended 2″ down
  Track Pad Fixture AV#-TPF Track Pad Fixture 5-12″ Slide
  C-Shaped Reaction Arm AV-0#-03-CN C-Shaped Reaction Arm
  Straight Arm Reaction Arm AV-0#-03-S# Straight Arm Reaction Arm
  Reaction Arm for JGUN dual speeds JGUN-DSA1-RA Standard Reaction Arm for DS
  Rotatable Reaction Arm AV-##-03R Rotatable Reaction Arm
  Wheel Bolt Extension w/ reaction Fixture N/A 10″ Drive Extension and Fixture
  Stack Socket SS(Male)(Female)-2 Stack Socket for Low Clearance Links
  Dual Spline Reaction Fixture RFA#-CENTER DISTANCE Dual Reaction Fixture
  Crab Nut Fixture CASE SPECIFIC Dual Sliding Reaction Fixture
  Weld Head WELD HEAD – AV3 “U” Shape R