Torque Wrench Safety Tips


Professionals should always brush up on torque wrench safety tips.

Torque wrench safety is essential to avoid workplace accidents and keeping downtime to a minimum. Understanding how to safely use a hydraulic torque wrench will create a much safer environment without sacrificing productivity. Always following the torque charts will also ensure that you have the right tool for the job and help in ensuring torque wrench safety.

Here are just a few important torque wrench safety tips to keep in mind while you are using these torque tools.

Never Exceed Overall Capacity for Torque Wrench Safety

One of the main keys to torque wrench safety is never to exceed the overall capacity limit. Instead, it is a much safer practice to only use a torque tool at the midpoint level of capacity for that particular device. Always review the instruction manual for helpful information if you are unsure about the overall limit for the tool.

Always Use a Storage Case

Keeping your torque wrenches inside a storage case is important to avoid long-term damage from moisture or humid environments. Always storing torque accessories nearby will ensure that you never misplace these items. Keep your tools maintained and stored in a safe environment are some of the best ways to maximize safety.

Practice Proper Maintenance for Wrench Safety

Torque wrench safety also includes regularly cleaning your tools and making sure that they are calibrated correctly. Cleaning torque wrenches on a regular basis will ensure that they continue to work efficiently without any safety concerns. Proper maintenance will also significantly extend the lifespan of these tools.

Always Wear Safety Gear

Wearing safety goggles is a necessity whenever you use torque wrench tools. Safety goggles will protect your eyes from any flying particles or debris. Always keeping your clothes tucked in is another important tip to avoid getting entangled in a machine. Always wearing the proper safety gear will maximize torque wrench safety for each employee.

Choose the Right Sockets for Wrench Safety

A socket that is too small or too large increases the chance of an accident. Making sure that each one of the sockets is in good condition will ensure that each employee works safely. Avid sockets that are cracked or show signs of wear. Maintaining a safe distance while using a socket will keep you protected in the event of malfunctioning equipment.

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Following these torque wrench safety tips will keep your employees safe and productive on the job site. Florida Hytorc has many years of experience in offering top-quality torque wrenches that will allow you to work efficiently and handle any job task. These safe and user-friendly tools will make your job easier while maintaining the highest standards in the industry.

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