Torque Wrench Storage: How to Store Your Torque Wrenches


Torque Wrench Storage Tips

Properly storing your torque wrenches is key to extending longevity and avoiding costly repairs in the future. Following a few important torque wrench storage tips is essential for any contractor and professional that uses these tools on a regular basis. Following these simple torque wrench storage tips will help maintain productivity and avoid downtime!
Here are a few of the most important torque wrench storage tips:

#1 Always Store Torque Tools in Original Casing

One of the most critical aspects of torque wrench storage is to always keep these tools in their original case for the best protection against corrosion and other damages. These cases are designed to store torque wrenches over an extended period of time and are a much better option than storing these tools without a case. However, it’s always a good idea to visually inspect these tools before you begin to use them again to maintain accuracy. A little extra time protecting your tools = longer time in production!

#2 Avoid Storing Torque Wrenches in Extreme Temperatures or High Humidity Areas

Another important tip for torque wrench storage is to avoid keeping your tools in areas with extreme temperatures or high humidity. Storing your torque wrenches in a hot truck or outdoor storage unit can cause expedited damage and impact the calibration of these tools. Torque wrenches are always susceptible to high humidity conditions without proper storage. Storing torque wrenches in a controlled environment is the safest option and the best investment for your expensive tools!

#3 Always Keep Torque Wrenches At the Lowest Scale Setting

Storing a fully loaded torque wrench can weaken the spring over time while offloading the torque wrench to a zero setting can negatively impact other components and decrease accuracy. The best option is to always wind down the torque to the lowest scale setting without reaching zero to avoid damaging the spring.

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