The HYTORC NUT™ Series

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CN-Primary Replacement Nut

The CN line offers users the speed of regular torque with unmatched repeatability and precision.
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TN-Compact Style Replacement Nut

TN Series Clamps combine durability, efficiency & the ability to fit in tight spaces.
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SN-Ltd. Overhead Clearance Replacement Nut

The SN Series clamp line covers a wide range of sizes and applications, specified to overcome tight overhead restrictions.
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SS-High Temp/High Load Replacement Clamp Nut

The Smart Stud’s compact geometry makes it a suitable replacement for any fastener regardless of load or temperature.
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The HYTORC NUT™ is a three (3) piece fastener that will directly replace any type of helical nut.

The HYTORC NUT’s™ interlocking surfaces provide pure axial bolt tensioning without the need for an external reaction point.

The HYTORC NUT™ provides extremely accurate bolt loading as all frictional forces are integral to the controlled Clamp’s surfaces!

The The HYTORC NUT™ is the highest level of bolting optimization. It gives you all of the benefits of the HYTORC Washer™ for application where there is little or no side clearance. By replacing the nut with one that turns in itself at a known friction, with no side load or torsion, bolt stretching to the desired bolt load has become reality. For critical applications and the ultimate in peace of mind, this is the professional choice.

The HYTORC NUT™ is a perfect solution for limited radius applications.

Applications set into a pocket or a counter bore situation pose a problem with conventional tooling. Standard drive extensions and machined down compromising the safety of the operator!

The design and the mechanics of the Clamp allow positioning the HYTORC machine away from the conflict area!

The diagrams below show the components and mechanics of The HYTORC NUT™.
1. The inner sleeve that threads to the stud.

2. The hardened washer that attaches to the inner sleeve via a spline.

3. The outer sleeve that threads to the inner sleeve.

  • The inner sleeve is connected to the bolt end and is held stationary by the HYTORC machine during operation.
  • The outer sleeve which turns on the washer face is connected to the inner sleeve by an acme thread (ASME/ANSI B1.5) providing a higher turning friction to the inner sleeve and washer than the outer sleeve.
  • When the action force of the HYTORC machine is applied to the outer sleeve and its opposite reaction force to the inner sleeve, the outer sleeve turns at a known coefficient of friction on precision machined surfaces.
  • This results in the inner sleeve (and the bolt) rising in a torsion-free, pure axial motion applying pre-calibrated tension to the bolt.
  • The hardened washer remains stationary during the entire operation eliminating facial galling.
  • Pure, mechanical bolt tension is provided hands free (even on inverted applications) without the use of bridges, pullers or jack screws and without relying on bolt relaxation to seat the nut!
  • The HYTORC NUT™ is rated for temperatures up to 1,000°F (537°C)
  • The HYTORC NUT™ is available for any bolt size (imperial/metric), any thread configuration and upon request, is available in specialty materials to suite the application and environmental conditions
  • Install The HYTORC NUT™, set the pump pressure, place the tool and simply push a button on the remote control to achieve unprecedented bolt load accuracy to + 5%… guaranteed!