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Developed in 1992, and applied extensively for the past 17 years, Stretch-to-Load Technology is the first of its kind.

An integral part of every product we design, the technology provides benefits that no other bolting method can match.

As purveyors of the Leakage Zero Philosophy, HYTORC turned to Stretch-To-Load Technology to provide refineries, pipelines, and chemical plants with an assured leak-free startup. Their success with our technology led to the development of the Tension Gun in an effort to make the technology more accessible and easier to use. Our latest technology “Stretch-to-Load” is bringing dramatic cost savings to operators throughout the world.

The "Stretch-to-Load" concept includes replacement of existing cap nuts, round nuts, and hexagonal nuts with The HYTORC Nut™ or HYTORC Washer™.

These fastener elements are designed to fit in place of the existing fasteners and within the same dimensions. They provide operators with maximum efficiency in bolting and unbolting of critical path applications such as turbine casing, flange bolts, pumps, valves, heat exchangers, couplings and rotors.

Benefits of this new technology include, dramatic increase in speed of operations, torsion and side load free tensioning, back-up wrench-free, reaction arm-free, known coefficient of friction results in the most reliable and repeatable load accuracy, safety, hands-free operation even in inverted applications, up-side-down. Our technology boosts human performance and helps meet or exceed ALARA objectives.

This new technology provides operators with the concept of “OPTIMIZATION” of bolting applications by implementing the fasteners and tooling in multiple configurations. The HYTORC fasteners are driven by our AVANTI™ and STEALTH™ (low clearance) tools. Any number of tools can be operated simultaneously from one pump for “absolute parallel joint closure” and guaranteed to be failure and leak-free. These are the first tools designed for torque and tension providing the operators with the most versatile tools on the market. Our tools are FME Compliant with the first FME compliant reaction arm and pin-free, click-in cassette.

HYTORC provides 24/7 support, free demonstrations, free training of plant personnel or contractors in the use of tools and fasteners, free application survey, free first-time supervision of optimization, tool sales and rentals.

  • Hands Free Bolting
  • No Reaction Arm Required
  • Bolt Load Accuracy to +10%
  • Eliminates Facial Galling
  • Human Error Is Reduced
  • Longer Tool Life