Bridge Construction – The Need for Bridge Restoration in The U.S.


Bridge reconstruction can only be accomplished with precision bridge construction equipment.

Troubled Bridge Over Water

Ever since American Society of Civil Engineers gave the United States Infrastructure a failing grade back in 2017, the need for action has been on the minds of every major construction proponent, and politician in the country. This is nothing you don’t already know. After all, you drive on these pothole-filled roads, pass over the decaying bridges, and navigate the overcrowded ports- so you understand the problem as well as any other.

The infrastructure conundrum is on a par with that highlighted by Mike Rowe, in a much-lauded essay questioning of the traditional wisdom that, in order to land a “good job,” each and every red-blooded American must attend a four-year college, to Zip Recruiter is consistently hammering the point home that there is a severe Blue Collar Worker Shortage in this country- the fact that everyone knows infrastructure is a major problem hasn’t really translated into an effective plan of action.

Change is on the Horizon Bridge Construction

While it is true that, in the most recent infrastructure meeting between top-level Democrats and President Trump, that the president stormed out before the meeting could really begin, it is also important to recall that U.S. Senator Amy Klobuchar announced her bid for the United States Presidency from the spot of a horrific 2007 bridge collapse- potentially signaling a major focal point of her campaign.

Likewise, the Senate Committee on Commerce has held discussions on the vastness of the problem, as well as potential solutions. While potential challenges, such as which portion of the budget must suffer in order that another may thrive, remain- the writing is already on the wall, and it is only a matter of time before construction- or reconstruction- begins.

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